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The most comprehensive and affordable repipe process for Multi-Family buildings.

Repipe Specialists is comprised of highly specialized teams with decades of experience to handle your repipe, surpassing expectations throughout the entire process.

Throughout our 30 years and 75,000 repipes completed, we’ve re-defined repiping with our "One Stop Repipe Process"™ for Multi-Family and HOA repipe projects.

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At Repipe Specialists, we provide end-to-end customer service that surprises and delights. From the minute we arrive to the moment we leave, we take care of everything and anticipate every need—from permits and pipes to patchwork. With 75,000+ repipes completed, our expertise and protocols for each project allow for a seamless "turnkey" experience. Our specialty is repiping, but our business is customer service.

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Repipe Specialists Reviews

What our customers say about us.

"Very nice people. They came on time and did a great job. We are very happy with the results. We would highly recommend this company and its employees."

"Repipe Specialists were awesome! From the appraisal to the installation to the cleanup. Very professional and on time with everything. I would HIGHLY recommend Repipe Specialists. Totally impressed and happy with the entire experience. Thank you so much to everyone involved with our job."

"Repipe specialists were professional and completed the job exactly as described in our initial consultation. The crew was friendly and answered all of our questions. They completed the repipe of our large 2-story house in one day. Following the inspection, all holes in the walls were patched in one day with truly exceptional skill."

"Repipe Specialists did an awesome job. I was afraid that doing a repipe would turn my home into a huge construction zone but they impressed me. They were efficient, super nice and very professional."

"I had Repipe Specialists install PEX pipes in my mobile home. They were 1/3 less than another plumber who gave me a quote. Their approach to replacing pipes was better in terms of fewer holes in the wall. This solved a huge problem of a clogged water line in my guest shower, too. They were on time, professional, quick, and did a great job. I'm glad I had them do the job."

"For the past 10 years, our home had degrading water pressure, rusty water from some taps, valves that would not close or were completely frozen, and never, ever flush the toilet if water was running somewhere else in the house.

I knew that major work was going to have to be done in order to restore usable water pressure, but I had no clue as to how to even begin to plan such a project. I had heard a radio commercial about Repipe Specialists and how they could completely repipe an entire house in one day. I was totally skeptical with this claim but my wife and I had become so frustrated with our situation that we decided it was going to go one of two ways, sell the house or rip out the old pipes and put in new ones.

After trying and failing to find independent plumbers to take on such a project, I finally found Repipe Specialists online and completed their query for more information. We were contacted by a rep who inspected our home, assessed the number of trouble spots and gave us an estimate of a total project cost to the penny.

Once we agreed on the project cost and timing, Repipe Specialists arranged the entire project, from booking the contractors for the actual repiping, to taking care of permits and inspections, as well as drywall contractors to come and seal everything back up. All we had to do was clear out the cabinets under the sinks and then wait for them to show up.

The day of the piping work arrived at 7AM when the crew of 6-7 very qualified guys came in, laid down paper and drop cloths, and got to work. The water was cut off at the water meter at 7:15, and we had water back on by 4:30 that same afternoon. A quick inspection by the city the next day, and then the drywall crew came in a few days after that and the project was completed.

We are totally happy with the job we had contracted through Repipe Specialists and would recommend their services highly. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to plan and contract the services to do this myself, so Repipe did it all for me.

Would highly recommend their services."


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